I will have CONTROL

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Relationships
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The Jezebel Spirit

1 King 16-2 King 9

Jezebel was married to Ahab who was king of Israel.  Jezebel manipulated her husband in many ways.  He began worshiping Baal, the god of nature and fertility, which was the same god that Jezebel worshiped.  Elijah advised the king that he had upset God and that God would cause a drought to come upon the land.   Ahab had killed many prophets at Jezebel’s command and caused the nation to be under a great famine.
When Elijah came back to show himself to Ahab they had a contest on the mountain to see who’s alter would light fire.  Ahab called on the name on Baal from morning until noon and the alter was not consumed.  Elijah set up the alter for the Lord God, he even filled the trench with water.  And when he called on the name of the Lord, fire fell from heaven and consumed the sacrifice and the water.  Elijah prayed to God for rain.  Later on the clouds became dark and heavy and it rained.
Jezebel had such a stronghold on Ahab that he told her about Elijah.  Jezebel sent a message telling Elijah that she was going to have him killed.  Jezebel also had a man named Naboth killed.  Her husband desired to have Naboth’s vineyard but Naboth was not willing to sell it.  So Jezebel sent a letter in Ahab’s name to the elders of the city where Naboth lived.  She commanded them to fast and then stone Naboth to death.  When Jezebel found out Naboth was dead she told her husband he can now take over the vineyard.  Elijah was sent back to Ahab by God to tell Ahab that “dogs would lick his blood”.  Ahab repented of his sins, but Ahab’s heart was not pure.  Ultimately Ahab was killed in battle and dogs did lick up his blood.
Jehu was appointed king over Israel.  Jehu went to Jezreel and Jezebel “painted her face”.  It was already prophesied that Jezebel would be eaten by dogs.  When Jehu entered the city Jezebel insulted him by calling him a murder.  Jehu had her thrown from the window and trampled over her while on horse back.  Later on he instructed some people to bury her but there was nothing left of her but her skull, feet and the palm of her hands.

The Jezebel spirit goes after weak people.  Ahab quickly told his wife about every problem.  She didn’t care if it caused some one to die just for herself or her husband to have their way.  The Jezebel spirit destroys lives.  This also proves how marriages can actually led to your demise.  Marriage is a union and if you unite with a man or woman who worships money, their careers, or even themselves, you are setting yourself up for failure.  Worshiping anything besides God will lead you down a dark path.  If you or some one you know is battling with this spirit, it stems from control.  Something may have happened to you to cause you think you always need control.  But trying to always control the things that happen in your life doesn’t mean that you will be happy.  True happiness is found only in Christ Jesus. If you are married to a Jezebel please know that by letting her run your household you are only feeding that spirit.  It’s time to step up and be the man who God has called you to be.  Pray for her deliverance.  Love her even when she pushes you away.  I promise God hears your prayers.  Your labor is not in a vain. Let go and let God.

  1. I remember this story from back in the day. What a gruesome end for Jezebel and her husband. In essence it was a precursor to what will happen to the wicked in the battle of Armagedon, when the birds will be called on by God to devour their flesh.

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